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Flawless Metal Roof Installation New Jersey

Lightning Construction is an experienced metal roofing company that helps many New Jersey homeowners find their perfect roofing system. We install the best metal roofing in New Jersey and work with a variety of metal roofing subtypes, such as aluminum, galvanized, and more.

Our roofers can swap your existing roof with a durable, minimal maintenance and customized style metal roof. We guarantee proper installation and a top-quality roofing system.

New Jersey Metal Roofing

We may be able to install your new metal roof over your asphalt shingle roof. We’re prepared to meet all of your commercial and residential metal roofing needs with flawless services. From standing seam to aluminum, we guarantee you’ll find the perfect metal roof for your property.

Our detail-oriented contractors have worked on many metal roofing projects over the years. While we also install sloped, shingle, and flat roofs, we recommend metal ones for their many benefits, long-lasting capabilities, and resistance against numerous roof-damaging agents.

The Metal Roofing Contractor New Jersey Residents Count On

While our contractors work on metal roofing systems, we also have experience repairing and installing asphalt shingles. We can also explain the benefits of switching from traditional shingles to state-of-the-art, upgraded metal roofs. No matter what you choose, our staff always uses the highest quality materials to install, replace, or repair your roof.

Our metal roofing company helps homeowners find the most energy-efficient metal roof for their style preferences and budgets. From shingles and tile to slate and metal roofing, Lightning Construction is the trusted team of roof experts that can do it all.

We will skillfully repair your metal roofing panels and offer services for all kinds of metal roofs at competitive prices.

Types of Metal Roofing Systems

Aluminum Metal Roofs

Aluminum roofs aren't heavy, and we sometimes can install them right over your old shingles. When you choose an aluminum roof, you get a stylish and distinctive look. It is also great for cold weather conditions, as it can withstand low temperatures and heavy snow.

Galvanized Metal Roofs

Why choose galvanized metal for your new roof? To create these roofs, manufacturers pour a zinc coating on iron or steel to increase rust resistance. It creates a strong roofing material that takes less damage, lasts for many years, and resists hot temperatures.

Standing Seam Metal Roofs

Standing seam roofs hide the fastener system under their panels so they can resist a variety of weather conditions. Standing seam is one of the top metal roofing options because it can withstand fire and matches the aesthetic preferences of many homeowners.

Copper Metal Roofs

Some consider copper roofs as luxury roofing materials. Copper metal roofs are often more expensive, but we can pair you with a skilled roofer that will perform an error-free installation. Additionally, copper roofs look beautiful and resist fire, rain, hail, and severe storms, making them well worth the initial investment.

Steel Metal Roofs

A steel metal roof will not corrode, but it will resist fires, strong winds, mold, mildew, and rot. After we complete your steel roofing project, you can expect your system to last 40+ years.

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Our roofing and exterior contracting business helps commercial and residential property owners enjoy outstanding metal roofs throughout the Garden State. We happily serve homeowners in Manalapan, NJ, and the neighboring communities, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us for metal roofing. Our previous clients leave their testimonials detailing their experiences with us, giving you an idea of our work.

If you’re wondering about the metal roofing cost in New Jersey, several factors come into play. Project complexity, roofing size, slope, colors, and styles all contribute to a metal roof’s cost, so schedule a metal roofing consultation appointment for an accurate estimate.

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